When I say I spent my holidays on Ibiza, many believe I staggered through crowded clubs in high-heels, drank overpriced sweet cocktails and slept until noon every day. Not exactly. It’s not that I wouldn’t be interested in a party-hard vacation but I’ve come to realize that Ibiza has so many other things to explore than just its incredible night life.

Pronounced as “Evissa”, Ibiza is the second largest Balearic island and was even selected as UNESCO world heritage site, attracting more than six (!) Million tourists every year. There are around 57 beaches of which I’ve approximately seen one fourth. Naming my favorites is difficult but I would probably list them as follows: Es Cavallet, Sunset Ashram, Blue Marlin and Experimental Beach. The soft, almost white sand and blue-green color of the sea spread an unbelievable feeling of calmness from head to toes and listening to the waves is even better than my current Spotify playlist. I enjoy watching the Instagram-like glamorous, sparkling crowd from afar while sipping sangria con cava with crushed berries and ice and letting the sun kiss my office pale skin.

Jellyfish? Yes. Existing and painful. I’ve watched the most interesting reactions to their stings. Some rush to pour vinegar on their wounds, some use special pain-soothing cream, others actually find the courage to pee on the irritated spot. I belong to those who let out a high-pitch scream (very similar to a dog when stepped on its tail) and then run to the next Baywatch guy, sobbing hysterically and begging for a medical cure. Afterwards I obviously tell everyone that it didn’t hurt at all.

Avoiding to return to Austria without at least having attended ONE party, we spend a night at Ushuaïa, watching David Guetta at his best, framed by amazing fireshows and extravagante artists. I was told beforehand that the concert would be super commercial.
Would I go again?
Abso-freakin’-lutely. 😉

I used to get furious about people who discover a nice restaurant and then go to the same place every single night (yes, you mom :-)). But suddenly we had become exactly one of those people. We found an amazing little place with a fire-grill named „El Pulpo“. In no time, the waiters knew our names, heritage, and preferred wine. So nearly every evening, we enjoyed grilled fish or steak with juicy vegetables and fresh tomato salad until we happily dropped to bed with the strongest garlic breath underneath the moon.

Time on the island flies – ten days passed so quickly that I didn’t even manage to finish reading a single book. We spend the last night at the “Heart” in Ibiza – from the outside; a normal looking casino, club and restaurant in one and from the inside, a mystical, dark red and vibrant place. The menu is based on molecular kitchen in the style of Adrian Ferran; tiny portions followed by ultimate taste explosions. There’s live music and incredible dancers, lobster and beef served on huge plates, followed by coconut ice-cream and dripping chocolate covered cherries.

The next morning, we find it hard to pack our bags and drive towards the airport. The only comforting thought while boarding the plane is that the next summer will come and Ibiza won’t stand a chance without us.

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