Einträge von Julia Romauch

La Isla Ibiza

When I say I spent my holidays on Ibiza, many believe I staggered through crowded clubs in high-heels, drank overpriced sweet cocktails and slept until noon every day. Not exactly. It’s not that I wouldn’t be interested in a party-hard vacation but I’ve come to realize that Ibiza has so many other things to explore […]

Julie in ROME

Traveling to Italy. Not too far or necessarily expensive and – most importantly – always worth it. People from Australia or America envy Europeans like me for being able to enjoy breakfast between the walls of my own kitchen and sip afternoon coffee facing the Pantheon in Rome. But what exactly makes this city so special? […]

NEW YORK – 2015

  This is my report to you from the first capital of the United States, the “Big Apple”, originally named so by musicians meaning to play the „Big Time“ in New York City. Finally, after years of dreaming and talking about this and endless applications, I have come to the city that never sleeps. And […]