This is my report to you from the first capital of the United States, the “Big Apple”, originally named so by musicians meaning to play the „Big Time“ in New York City. Finally, after years of dreaming and talking about this and endless applications, I have come to the city that never sleeps. And it is true. New York is the busiest, loudest and most colourful place I’ve ever seen. Even though this city has 922 miles of subway tracks, I try to avoid the underground Sahara-like degrees and prefer to walk those 30 minutes to work every day. In doing so I have the chance to catch a glimpse of the very first sun-rays peeking through the gigantic skyscrapers and to wake up with hundreds of busy New Yorkers. I watch gorgeous models with long wavy hair, their high heels clicking as they clutch their bags underneath their skinny, twig arms. I spot millions of Asians, selling newspapers, bubble-gum, smoothies or hot tasteless coffee. On one side, there are sharp-dressed business men, wearing shiny black shoes and stiff ties, while they are pushing against the crowd, their minds racing just like their legs. On the other side, I catch sight of sportsmen, muscles fletching, wearing shirt that are just a little bit too tight. I spot kippahs, hijabs and beautiful, long saris. It’s multicultural, and diverse. Throughout its history, New York City has been a major point of entry for immigrants and as many as 800 languages are spoken here.

They say that more than two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese? Given the fact that you are almost knocked over by tasty temptations, I believe they handled it pretty well. It’s truly fascinating. No matter where you go or what time it is in Manhattan, you will always have the choice between authentic Mexican, spicy Indian, greasy Italian or a simple sappy American burger. You can order your dish vegan, gluten- or lactose free; therefore no one really has a waterproof excuse not to find something they might regret later on. Further, I notice a rare nicotine addiction and dirty, mean looks if you happen to stand on the sidewalk in front of a bar, thoughtlessly lighting up a cigarette because the overpriced, sweet white wine has quickly gotten to your head.

According to statistics, almost 40% of New Yorkers are single. Even through all the hustle and rush on the streets they still find the time to gaze at each other and it seems to me as if people here are constantly trying searching for something. Or someone. Maybe to feel less lonely in between those 8,5 Million people. Interestingly, I barely notice a family or children, not to mention older people. It almost seems to me as if this is the perfect place to come, live and leave.

It’s a wonderful time to be in this city. The summer doesn’t seem to come to an end, the winter is just a thought, still hanging in the back-most part of our closets. The 70th Session of the UN General Assembly has taken place. Obama still knows how to inspire, Putin exasperates and Ban tries to pour oil on troubled waters. I am observing, listening and living the moment.


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